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Customs value

LLC "Parnas" as part of the Group of Companies «Cargo-Port SPb» considers the provision of all types of brokerage and customs services at the customs posts of the St. Petersburg, Baltic, Pulkovo and North-Western Excise customs, as well as remotely at any customs posts of the Russian Federation, among the priority areas of its activity. The certificate of inclusion in the Register of Customs Representatives issued to our company allows us to provide a full range of customs clearance on representing the interests of a participant in foreign economic activity in the customs authorities, regardless of the type of cargo being transported and the customs regime declared during the declaration.

Determining the customs value is an important part of the customs clearance process of goods imported into Russia by participants in a foreign economic transaction. The value of the customs value of goods determines the amount of necessary customs duties and payments payable when moving goods across the border.

Customs authorities control the correctness of determining the customs value of goods by conducting checks, in which they may require the provision of additional documents and a cash deposit.

Our specialists:

  • will help to form a set of documents that maximally confirms the cost of imported goods;
  • will provide legal support when agreeing on the customs value in the customs value control department;
  • when an additional check is carried out by the customs authority, they will help to prove the correctness of determining the customs value.
Documents required to determine the customs value of goods

In the list of documents required for customs clearance, the foreign economic contract is a particularly important document, which indicates the volume, weight and cost of purchased imported goods, the date of their shipment and delivery, as well as the cost of packaging the goods, costs associated with loading, unloading, etc.

The terms of the foreign economic transaction contained in the contract must be additionally confirmed by an invoice – an invoice, according to which the importer transfers money for the goods to the seller's account.

The documents on the basis of which the customs value of the goods is determined also include certificates that determine the country of origin of the goods, packing lists containing information on the cost of packing the goods, invoices and an agreement for the delivery of goods to the territory of the Russian Federation.

Our specialists will help to reliably determine the customs value, taking into account all the circumstances of a foreign economic transaction, the requirements of customs legislation and the specifics of the application by the customs authorities of the risk management system when controlling customs value.

Determining the customs value of goods

Based on the legislation of the Russian Federation, the calculation of the customs value of goods that are imported into the territory of our country is carried out by one of the approved methods. The existing methods by which the customs value of goods is declared are developed in accordance with the norms of international law and are generally accepted world practice.

Customs value is assessed using the following methods:
  1. By addition.
  2. By subtraction.
  3. According to the value of the transaction with imported goods.
  4. By transaction value with identical cargo
  5. According to the value of a transaction with homogeneous cargo.
  6. There is also a so-called fallback method.

As a rule, the determination of the customs value of imported goods is carried out according to method No. 3. And only if it is impossible to confirm the customs value in this way, other calculation options are applied.

Checking the customs value of goods is a necessary procedure when transporting goods across the Russian border. This process cannot be undone or bypassed, but it can be accelerated. Declaration of customs value can be made as soon as possible in case of correct preparation and timely submission of a complete package of necessary documents, as well as with competent legal support. Also, during registration, it may be necessary to provide qualified justification that the customs value of the goods was determined correctly.

Checking the customs value is a complex process that many companies have to go through on an ongoing basis, doing their business on the territory of several states. Company «Cargo-Port SPb» offers its services for competent and prompt support of goods passing through the customs of the Russian Federation. Our specialists will draw up a package of documents, issue a customs value application and fully control the entire process.

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